Hardware and Software

Weather Station
Davis Instruments 6163
Wireless Vantage Pro2
Plus Weather Station with Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield
6163 $1075.00
Davis Instruments 6316
Vantage Pro2 Weather Envoy
6316 $175.50
Davis Instruments 6332
Vantage Pro2 Anemometer Transmitter Kit
6332 $153.00
Davis Instruments 6510SER
Serial WeatherLink For Vantage Pro w/ FREE Virtual Weather Station
6510SER $148.00
Virtual Weather Station Base Edition VWS-CD-001 Free
Davis Instruments 6510X
Extra User License Kit,
WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Pro
6510X-LOW $21.00
Ambient Weather EZ-30-12
Stable Mounting Kit with Mast
EZ-30-12 $24.95
Ambient Weather EZ-125-35M 35" Mast Extension EZ-125-35M $9.00
Ambient Weather Pole Mounting Kit EZ2-35W2MC $24.95
Virtual Weather Station Base to Internet Upgrade VW-VWS-B2I $79.00
Ambient Weather WeatherFlash TW-WFLASH $89.95
Lightning Detection
Boltek LD-250 Lightning Detector
WeatherUnderground Package
LD-250-WU-KIT $689.95
NEXSTORM Astrogenic's Lightning Detection Software N/A Incl w/ LD-250
Astrogenic Systems CVM vector map 3001 $40.00
Boltek StormTracker Lightning Detector PCICard StormTracker $399.95
Axis T95A61 Wall bracket 1448226 $101.99
AXIS T95A64 camera housing corner adapter 1459488 $93.99
AXIS T95A10 Dome Housing 1455858 $632.99
Axis 233D Network Camera 0266-001 $2299.99
Axis 24V Power Supply AXIC08W $183.90
Eltima Software Shared Serial Ports 207550e $99.95
AbleFTP AbleFTP $89.99
VWSaprs Free
VWSql VWSql $9.95
NSLog Free
WASP2 Part of NexStorm
Strikelink StrikeStar Network
Stormvue Part of NexStorm
GR2Analyst $250.00
GRLevel3 $79.95
Web Hosting - IXWebHosting $25/quarter